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Clean room

Clean room


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Product diversification and originality

The company's products include coarse, medium and high efficiency air filters, clean worktable, wind shower, clean sampling car, 100 grade laminar cover, high efficiency air vent, ventilator, biological safety cabinet, transmission window, fan filter unit (FFU), air self cleaning device, air conditioning unit, air case and so on.


First-class technology and high cost performance

With modern high-tech means, the company has the first-class technical personnel, professional equipment production personnel, engineering installation and construction personnel, so that the product has a high cost performance.


Skilled technology, trustworthy

Specializing in air purification system engineering design, construction, installation and purification equipment, air-conditioning terminal products R & D, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. By absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad and making efforts to tackle the problems of technology, the company has introduced advanced automatic production line of non partition filter and high efficiency filter to detect leak detection equipment, so that the company's products can meet the requirements and use of clean environment for all users.


Perfect service, let you rest assured

In order to provide customers with high quality after-sales service and warranty work, the company has set up relevant departments in charge of maintenance work after completion. It provides good service and high efficient quality for customers. It has the maintenance and maintenance personnel stationed at the site, regular maintenance personnel and temporary repair personnel.

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Cooperative partner

8 core services

Core services

  • Tailor made

    Dimension improvement of door-to-door measurement

  • Order tracking

    Real time let you know the progress of the work

  • 100%Time of goods

    Completion of the order will be delivered on time within the specified time

  • Provide home delivery service

    Life-long maintenance lets you safely use it

  • Package teaching package

    Teach you the use and basic maintenance of your products

  • Life-long maintenance

    A lifetime maintenance of quality assurance

  • Three months change

    There is a change in quality in three months

  • Post service

    Excellent team to provide you with perfect after-sales service.

News information

News information

All we do is to serve consumers better.


About us

Company introduction:

Egisen purification technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is located in Room 408, Unit B, 40 Luchuang Space, 18 Dongchang Road, Suzhou Industrial Park of Jiangsu province. The factory address is located in Jinjiaba Town, Wujiang District of Suzhou. It is a factory specializing in the production of purify doors and windows and color steel plates. The products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, medicine, food, scientific research and other industries. . Create a good enterprise environment, with a new management model, perfect technology, thoughtful service, excellent quality for the survival of the fundamental, we always adhere to the customer first, attentively serve the customer. We wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to work together to create a better future.

Scope of business:

Clean transmission window, wind shower, negative pressure weighing room, dust collector, high efficiency air vent, diffuser plate, air filter, return air window, stainless steel wardrobe series, stainless steel shoe cabinet series, stainless steel shelf and so on, clean laminar flow mask, FFU fan filter, purifying aluminum profile, purification lamp, stainless medical hand wash pool, clean. The net negative pressure safety cabinet, the combined air conditioning unit clean doors and windows, the rock wool board polyurethane board, the hollow glass magnesium plate, the sulphur oxygen magnesium plate, the silicon rock plate, the handmade color steel plate, our company mainly produce the above products.