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Attention to detail in the construction of purification workshop

2018-07-25 15:38:02

The use of clean air conditioning in scientific research, medical treatment, high technology product production, laboratory and electronic products, precision instrument production field has become more and more extensive. With the continuous expansion of the use of clean air conditioning, the grade of cleanliness is also increasing. Many clean air conditioners are carefully designed, serious construction, success, but also clean After the completion of the design and construction of the air conditioning system, the air conditioning system is downgraded because it can not meet the requirements of cleanliness. Even the scrap is converted into the general air conditioning. The technical requirements of the clean air conditioning system, the high quality of the construction, the large investment, and the failure, the clean air conditioning system should be done well, with the exception of the perfect design drawings. Besides, paper also requires high quality, high level and conscientious and responsible construction. Through the construction of clean air conditioning works, some experiences will be introduced to you for communication.
1. the material for making the duct is the basic condition to ensure the cleanliness of the air conditioner.
The air pipe of clean air conditioning system is usually made of galvanized steel plate. The galvanized steel plate should be made of high quality plate. The galvanized sheet should be made of high quality plate, the standard of galvanized layer should be >314g/m2, and the coating should be uniform, no shell, no oxidation. The hanger, reinforcement frame, connecting bolt, Hua Department, wind pipe flange, and rivet should be plated with zinc. The flanged pads should be flexible, no dust and have certain strength. For soft rubber or latex sponge, the external insulation of the air duct can be carried out with 32K or more flammable PE plates. Paste with special glue and no glass fiber, such as glass wool, should be used.
Material purchase. Material purchase must be selected according to the plan of the product of the manufacturer with quality assurance in the same product according to the plan. In physical inspection, we should pay attention to the material specifications, the finish of the material, the plank also check the smoothness, the corner angle square, the degree of adhesion of the galvanized layer and so on. Loading, moisture-proof, anti impact, pollution prevention.
The material should be kept. The materials for clean air conditioning should be set up with a special warehouse or centralized storage. The storage place should be clean, no pollution source, avoid damp, especially the wind valve, air vent, muffler and other components should be tightly packed. The materials for clean air conditioning should shorten the storage time of the warehouse. The board should be shipped to the site. To avoid pollution caused in the transit.