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How does the electrostatic phenomenon occur in the clean room?

2018-07-25 15:37:17

The clean room safety accident is impossible to guard against, especially pay attention to the electrostatic phenomenon in the clean room, do early detection and early prevention.
1. electrostatic shock caused by electrostatic electricity causes insecurity and fear of people and can cause two injuries (for example, people fall down by electric shock, fall and hurt).
The discharge current caused by 2. electrostatic discharge can lead to damage and misoperation such as semiconductor components, such as placing 50 P- MOS circuits in a plastic bag and shaking several times, 39 blocks of the serious breakdown of the gate gate and the loss rate of 78%, because the semiconductor devices are very sensitive to the electrostatic discharge.
3. electromagnetic waves generated by electrostatic discharge can cause noise and malfunction of electronic instruments and devices.
4. the discharge of electrostatic discharge can cause photosensitive destruction of photographic limb and so on.
5. electrostatic phenomena can lead to blockage of dust in sieve holes, confusion of spun yarns, uneven printing and contamination of products.