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Main points of daily maintenance of wind shower

2018-07-25 15:38:48

The air shower is a necessary access to clean rooms. It is also one of the equipment that many health professions require and must use. However, there are many problems in the use of air shower room. In order to let everyone better use the air shower room, we will take you to know the key points of the daily maintenance of the air shower room.
1. According to the actual use of air shower room, remove and filter the filter equipment regularly.
2, if the equipment is blocked, after a series of measures such as replacement and cleaning have not been improved, it shows that the high efficiency air equipment is also blocked and needs to be replaced in time.
3, use professional instruments to regularly determine the skill indicators of the air shower room. If the phenomenon is found to be inconsistent, it should be dealt with in a timely manner.
4, after the installation, it must be reconfirmed that the border of the filter equipment will not appear leakage, can be tested with the corresponding dust particle counter to achieve the corresponding technical indicators can be used after.
5, if the wind speed of the equipment is found to be smaller, it should be first checked whether the surface of the first effect air equipment has blackening, such as the discovery of blackening of the accumulation of dust in the equipment, which increases the resistance of the operation, and should be cleaned or replaced at this time.
The introduction of the wind shower room is here today. I hope you will be helpful after knowing it. If you want to know more about wind shower room, please pay more attention to our website.