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Wind shower: full sheet metal processing technology, automatic numerical control one time forming bending, built-in OTS fault code system intelligent, warm, voice prompt function, to provide you with high quality assurance.

The United States decontamination project: the pharmaceutical industry clean workshop design scale, technology driven, quality assurance.

Stainless steel hand wash pool: in line with the requirements of the operation room personnel cleaning and disinfection operation requirements' SUS304 stainless steel material, overall seamless design, very easy to clean, durable 'safety and reliability. Taking science and technology as the motive force and quality as the guarantee.

Multifunctional transmission window: full sheet metal processing technology, square design beautiful and generous, not easy to remove glass, professional and technical personnel, advanced products and equipment.

Dust collector equipment: efficient dust removal, return to clean, create clean space, your purification equipment experts.

Multi function worktable: quality assurance, reasonable price, stable supply, honesty and trustworthiness, so we are trustworthy because we are professional.